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a heart that I can fight beside

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

It’s just another bullet – leave it be, so she can pull it – a couple bullets more is all I need to get me home to keep me going – I left most of mine behind in hearts and minds it’s hot it hurts it’s sharp but light the burning tells me I’m alive it keeps me running through the night that’s satin black and grainy green and flashing white sometimes – red dots - red eyes like mine behind the sights – one each is fine my ammunition’s running dry as I am fighting’s gotten tiring dying’s gotten easy as my trigger squeeze is – a thousand miles or so I hope but I don’t know how far she is or where or who or when I’ll finally find her – finally put my hand behind her waist and hold her hand in mine and dance in spite of all the lightning - gliding finally safe inside a heart that’s kind but fierce but soft but scarred but brave like mine – a heart that I can fight beside.

For my Lila who found me instead. I love you. Always and Forever.

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