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the gospel of tolerance

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

We’re all tolerating each other right now. Isn’t this nice.

The gospel of tolerance is the most benign, mediocre, and pathetic standard that the human race has yet set for itself. We have all embraced it as the mantra for good and ascribed a great deal of righteousness to ourselves for adhering to its call to: “don’t hate”.

Yes. The message is a rallying cry to not despise each other. How empowering to each other we are! If we can but resist the overwhelming urge to strangle our fellow man, there is no end to what we can accomplish!

Well? Who the fuck even came up with that? We are tolerating the shit out of each other, and people are still in poverty! People, real people, with lives just as real as yours are literally dying because they have nothing but dirt to put in their mouths. Not hating them is just not doing the trick, God damn it. But don't get distracted. It's not about poverty. Poverty is not humanity's problem. The pain of it is. The pain of everything is.

Tolerance can't soothe the pain of anyone, no matter how much you don't care about them. Your indifference is noted. But it is not helpful. Hatred is abhorrent, but at least the object of hate has borne enough contemplation to merit a decision of sentiment. Indifference doesn't even grant its object the opportunity of inspection. Tolerance, at its very best, is the conscious decision to not think.

The gospel of tolerance, not its intent, but its actual and final product when it is played out on the stage of humanity is as unimpressively unoriginal as it is pathetic. The victims of the intolerant and of the tolerant are the same. One beats them, while the other looks away.

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