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At a drug dealer’s house somewhere in Canada a few years ago…

It was cold as fuck which somehow makes Canadian chicks even more badass - which is just crazy.  Anyway…

Midway through the party this massive Canadian dude who looked like he preferred his maple syrup extra pulpy, and who was also an employee of our host, stands up, points at me, and begins to yell, “You know what? I think you’re fucking full of shit, Motherfucker. Everything you’ve been saying since you’ve started talking is total bullshit.  There is no fucking way any of that shit is true.  You’re a fucking liar.”

My life’s single greatest compliment.

David, Dani, and Ryker – THAT, my children… THAT is the goal:

A life of truth that defies belief.

I sucked at riding dirt until I realized that you don’t ride ON a dirt bike.  You run it like you do a chainsaw.  You wield it.  You throw it through the hairpins, you levitate above it through the washboards – it is You, not the bike that is soaring… you just use it however the fuck you can think of to get you there.  Wield your life, my children.  The seat is only there so you don’t burn your ass on the battery.

It’s a game.  As if you’ve been given a whole, complete, and fully operational world all to yourself.  Just for you.  Well… you have.  And your only obligation is to do whatever the fuck you want to do with it.  Make every decision from your courage not your fear.  You will always have that choice. 

You are going to die.  Get it?  Good.  Don’t spend any more time on that one. 

ALWAYS look cool.  ALWAYS.  If you don’t feel cool, fucking STOP.  You’ve lost your courage.  Do not take another breath before you turn to find it. 

Courage is life.

-Jason Lee Morrison

Courage is life: Text
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