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Jake Hollingsworth
Oct 11, 2021
In bitch & moan
Hey y'all. Jake Hollingsworth here. To make a long story short...Did some time with the grunts (1/5) and 1st Recon back in the late 90s. Got out and went to med school and became a psychiatrist. After that joined the (Ch)air Force and spent 8 years there as a psychiatrist. As an Air Force psychiatrist did a deployment to Afghanistan and toured FOBs via helo. Glad that JL invited me to the TPFL site to help out and be a part of the community. Although I'm a psychiatrist, at least I can speak the truth of what psychiatry is and give some commentary. I agree that current psych treatments for PTSD are garbage (for the most part), but there are things coming that may be better than the stuff we currently have. I'm not here to be anyone's psychiatrist. I'm here as a member of the community. I got out of the Marines before things got real, but this may have been a blessing. I was able to get out and acquire some skills and knowledge that may serve a better purpose for our community. I spent a blink of an eye in a warzone, and served as a doc, not as a killer. So I don't claim to have seen any of the shit that some of y'all have. That's my story. Hopefully I can contribute something to the community. But at the end of the day it's members of the community that are gonna get people out of the depths of PTSD (or whatever you call it); not the VA, psychiatrists, or meds, and move us all towards "The Perfect Fucking Life." Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Thanks to JL for putting this together. Get Some!

Jake Hollingsworth

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