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Elena's Angels

Elena’s angels stay awake anticipating waiting patient biding time and vying fighting for the right to make Elena’s eyes light up to be the one to see the truest brightest bluest brightness all of them who’ve seen it say it’s like the first light in the universe the day the stars ignited seared the frozen oceans’ ice and vaporized it – mistified – it’s like looking in her irises when she’s excited flushed and smiling like the newborn atmosphere’s first morning oceans form from mist and dew and quick as blush transform the hazel earth into the purest softest sharpest shades of blue – the first the angels ever knew – but angels can’t persuade Elena so they watch and wait and hope and pray like me and try like hell to give her every reason she could ever think of – anything to see the blinding bluest brightness earth has ever been look me in the eyes and smile the kind of smile that makes me want to make her want to smile at me again like that and that’s exactly what the danger is I’m trapped she’s captivated me with all her angels facing life without parole with no control it’s hopeless – let me go – unless you’re ever gonna smile again and make those big bright eyes light up again and draw me in to swim in them but then I’m leaving I’m not teasing, no more tricks, that’s all, that’s it, I’m praying as I run away that I can make her smile again and then I’ll stay – but only for a minute – this is my condition - always winnin’ in this prison with Elena’s angels… I guess I’ll have one more round.

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