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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

It would be easy to say that we have won, but we cannot claim victory for a contest that we never entered, nor can we claim credit for the spread of our influence across the globe into every crevasse of human civilization. We don’t want credit for any of it, because that was never our aim. But some of you have forced our hand. Some of you have made it like this. It’s an American World, and it always will be, now. Even if America dies as a nation, the world will always be an American one. It’s too late. There is no going back.

It’s true. We had a great deal of power and influence before, but on that course America would have never become so engrained in the fabric of the human race as it is now. Something caused it, then accelerated the transformation faster than anyone could have imagined. And it keeps happening. It is truly an American World and some of you hate that fact though you cannot deny its truth. Some of you hate it with all that you are. And you…you with the most hate. There is something that you must know: It’s an American World…and it’s all your fault.

What are you doing? It’s not Terrorism. Terrorism was in the ‘70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. What you are doing is not that. What you are doing is Murder, and nothing less. And it was YOU who brought us in. It was YOU. It's you who did it to yourselves. Did it work? Did all of your murdering and killing give you what you're striving for? You started this war so you could kill us. You have killed but a couple of thousands of us while millions of your own have needlessly suffered and died. Beside that you've done nothing to us. You have but frightened some of us a little, while we've hunted you down and killed you in your beds. You've done nothing. Nothing. Nothing but compel us to leave our homes and our lives and come into yours.

And for what? Was this your plan? Is this the world that you wanted? Look at what your methods have wrought: the American World. Your plan does not work for you. Dare to deny it. You control Afghanistan again… at what cost? At least two whole generations of yourselves. And the more that you struggle, the deeper goes the blade. Into your own peoples. Into your race. Into your future.

Blame your great leaders who foment violence and death. The fault, the blame, lies on them. Blame any man among you who says that murder of the innocent will bring you what you desire. Unless hate, death, and violence is what you seek for your loved ones and your future generations. If that is your desire we have granted it. And begrudged you our fallen, our own sons and daughters. It is you who have made us do this. You have, against our will, made us masters of killing you. We have become what we never wanted to be: a nation known to some for only its god-like ability to kill men.

And what good does your way of life bring with it? Are your peoples happy as you rule them now? If ten generations from now, you finally did win this world, what good things would you endow on those who have survived? Or will the rest of the world and all its peoples fall into the utter chaos, ruin, dilapidation, and filth of the lands that you now control?

It is a simple question: Are you capable of responding with anything but threats and violence? Are there any among you who can respond rationally with the intellect and wisdom of your ancestors? Where is the greatness of insight that developed Algebra? Are those minds gone forever from your midst?

You are dragging your people into a slaughterhouse of your own making, and now it is you yourselves who wield the knife. But be wary. There are but few of you, and your people are many. And they are waking up. One day they will see the truth of what you have done. And they will kill you themselves. They will rid themselves of you who have gutted their posterity. They are not dormant or stupid as you suppose. They are the future, they are stronger than you, and they will stand up one day and demand a reckoning.

And they will be the world’s heroes.

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